Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Newby Guide hehe

Hmm, there are many things for the Newcomers to know about this game.
I'll try to make it short but still having complete informations.

So, when you first enter the game, you will be redirected at the entrance of the training camp, where your first quest will take place.

If you head west, you will find what we can call the ''main'' town, which is Armia.
In the center of it, there will of course be alot of auto-shops, made by real players in order to sell their items.
There is also a teleporter which lead you to other towns.
There are many NPCs, who sells goods, or that trains your skills, and a cargo guard, which acts as a bank.
This is about it for Armia.

The main quests are mostly made to level you up, being just an area where you can kill a specific monster that will often give you a special item, which can be used to gain exp, or various items in the first quest.

Event quests are made in order to keep you up with game features, with what they bring etc. Most of those quests can be done at any level, tho some of them include killing monsters, so they are hard to try out when you are level 1 .

You are not obligated to do them, and the only rewards they will give is the reward provided by the item, or the action itself, since you dont gain any reward for completing it for the first time.

Since I know that not alot of Newcomers reads this, or even WYD players, because of the time it takes and of my bad reputaion, I won't go any further in the Newby Guide.

If you are a Newcomer reading this and need more informations, feel free to PM me in-game or leave a comment here.
For the hotkeys and commands, press H in-game.

Monday, September 8, 2008

How To Ancient your Item

An item upgraded until +9 can still be upgraded by using a special compounding jewelry.

A successful upgrade using this special jewelry has higher damage input and has an additional option depending on the jewelry used.
To proceed with the upgrade, you will need one of the following jewelries: Diamond, Emerald, Coral and Garnet.

You can use items with upgrades (such as +9 defender) to be boosters to have a higher chance of success rate.
When upgrading normal weapons into Ancient weapons, it needs +7~+10 items with one grade lower than the item to be compounded.

For example, when the weapon to be compounded has a grade of D, the items to be used as boosters should have a grade of C. You can’t use Grade A or B items in making the weapon into an Ancient one.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We Welcome you Wydians!

Mystic Journey

August 26 – September 30

This superb event will grant you with superb prizes upgrading your weaponry and armor. But, before you are awarded the prize you must collect certain materials and objects.

These include:
Map Pieces
Summon Letters

& many other combinations.

These materials are then exchanged for medals at Snow-Field and Azran Town.
Then, these medals are then exchanged for Upgraders.

Prizes Include:
MAP Upgrader
DMG Upgrader
DEF Upgrader
CRIT Upgrader
Protection Emblem

All you wydains get collecting now!


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